Hello, I'm Daniele Gazzelloni

Vue, React, Node.js. | Frontend Developer. | Full-Stack Background.

Last update: August 15th, 2019

Daniele Gazzelloni

Frontend developer with full-stack JavaScript background.


I'm an Italian frontend developer with focus on JavaScript technologies like React, Vue.js and TypeScript.

Quick facts about me:

  • I graduated in Computer Engineering in 2012 and I work remotely since then.
  • In the last 4 years I built and maintained a business web/mobile app as a single product developer.
  • I have full-stack background (Node.js) but I’m addicted to Vue.js and TypeScript
  • I put huge efforts in delivering high quality code following common best practices (KISS, DRY, good code organisation and readability, etc.)
  • I have experience working in small teams and startup environment.
  • I fluently speak English, Spanish and Italian.


JavaScript (ES8)
Vue.js / Vuex
React.js / Redux
Node.js / Express


Vuetify, Nuxt
jQuery, AJAX


Bootstrap, Material UI
Wordpress Development
MongoDB / NoSQL
MySQL / ProstgreSQL


Shell scripting

Available for hiring.

Mostly looking for companies who hires remotely and using stacks similar to what I've used so far (look my skills above, don't send me offers for Magento or Ruby on Rails please!)

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My education and experience.


Java Enterprise Edition programming

An advanced class started from the basics of Java programming, digging up to something more in-depth like JSPs, servlets, sessions, network programming and so on. The course also provided insights on the IDE Eclipse, Apache Tomcat and STRUTS framework.

Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering

Thesis: "Integration of an anti-plagiarism detection software into an e-learning management system".

Subject: SIM-Plagiarism, an anti-plagiarism detection plugin written in PHP for Moodle, one of the most commonly used learning management system.

Link to the live software here (not maintained).

La Sapienza, University of Rome

November 2012

Scientific high school degree


Innocenzo XII high school, Anzio

July 2007


Full-stack developer, remote

Building and maintaining core components at saavu.io: a mass communication web app based on a friendly chat interface which makes easier reaching, interacting and planning activities with a large crowd of people.

I learned my way across all the stack, having to regularly deal with strong type checking (TypeScript) and code refactoring for maintainability, tons of automations (shell scripting, docker) and a growing complex database structure (PostgreSQL, GraphQL).

Node.js on one side, Vue/Vuex with Vuetify/Nuxt on the other.

Here a YouTube link explaining how the app works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyVNKbnBfCk


2018 - 2019

Frontend development, remote

Implementation of a React.js frontend for a frame contracts platform called SpotQuest. I've been given an HTML/CSS design and a Node.js backend.


2018 - 2019

Full-stack developer, remote

Development from scratch to production stage of Acquirly, an hybrid Meteor.js web app for reviews generation.

Also PHP, WordPress and all-around front-end development.

Here a brief introduction to the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1UUZTHoduU

33 Mile Radius

2016 - 2018

Website development, remote

Full Wordpress theme development, from design idea to product delivery.

Live website here: http://www.chantalbiondi.com/

Full-stack development, remote

Writing dashboard components for the mexican bank Credijusto. Twitter Bootstrap, React.js, RESTful APIs and web hooks for frontend. Backend stack on Node.js/Express/PosgreSQL.



Full-stack development, remote

Development of backend components (Node.js, REST APIs) and client-side components of a WebGL model editor written in Three.js, a Javascript 3D library.

Web Development at Elance/Upwork, remote

Full-stack and all-around web development at Elance-oDesk, now formerly Upwork. Core focus on Node.js and the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js)

My Upwork profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01cd82d9743d60f9d1 (account needed)

Backend developer, remote

Main developer of an enterprise managerial import/export platform. The software was mainly built in Node.js and Ext.js, respectively for the backend and frontend. RabbitMQ, RESTful API, modularity, redundancy and security was the core keywords.

Game developer, remote

Development, debugging and testing of a 1st person 3d video game for Windows made with Unity 3D Pro game-engine, coding mainly on TypeScript and C#. The game was conceived for social and medical purposes.

C# .NET development

Testing and development of Windows desktop apps using C# and .NET framework. I also used to be the team CSS specialist, prototyping new ideas from paper to code.

Web Development, remote

Beginning of my freelance activity: websites development in PHP, JavaScript and CSS. I remember jQuery was the cool stuff of the moment those years. Mostly local clients, mostly playing and experimenting.

Danny's Arts

2012 - 2013


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